Zesty Rustic Salad

Zesty Rustic Salad – Dressing Ingredients Directions Step 1 Blend together. You can adjust the salt to your tasting. Zesty Rustic Salad Ingredients Directions Step 1 Chop up the asparagus, thaw the frozen peas if you didn’t get fresh peas, grill or pan fry the broccoli rabe with a little olive oil just util you […]

Rhubarb “crumble” with whipped coconut cream

My mouth is watering just writing this post! This is a guilt-free, EXTREMELY tasty, addicting rhubarb crumble. It’s the kind of dessert that you make when your lactose, sugar-loving uncle tries, and then you laugh when you tricked him into eating a “healthy” dessert. It is easy to make, and your tummy won’t hate you […]

5 Ways To Prepare For Summer

Is it just me, or does it feel like the winter has lasted an unusually long time? Summer is my jam; it is when I come alive. I work my butt off during the fall and winter so I can relax and have a more flexible summer.  Being a Vancouver gal, I am all about […]

Cheers to Four and Many More

People always ask about my love story.  I wish I could romanticize it like the movies, take you through a journey of our love and the initial tension and hardships we had to go through to finally be together- but the truth is, Dallas and I met at the gym, we hung out, and never […]

Kickin’ Sugar

Oh sugar, the bane of our existence. Why is it that something that tastes so darn good can be so bad! I remember being 12 years old, and biking to 7’11 almost everyday in the summer for a slurpee and 5 cent candies with my brother.  Over the years, sugar has creeped more and more […]

5 Creative Autumn Date Night Ideas

Is it just me, or do you get significantly more lazy in the fall? I live in Vancouver, or what some people call Raincouver, and it gets hard to find creative ways to have fun with Dallas when all I want to do is cozy up in bed, watch Netflix and escape the rain.  This is […]

5 Body Sculpting Moves for Your Next Workout

There are a lot of new, challenging exercises out there that can all have their place in an effective training program. When it comes to seeing real results, however, going back to the basics will supercharge your workout, give you a solid foundation of strength, and bring you closer to your goals. For you, I […]

Grab N’ Go Energy Balls

As a lover of all things sweet, I am always on the hunt for a healthy sweet alternative.  I came across this recipe when my mother-in-law made me an energy bar.  They tasted delicious (tasty enough for my husband to enjoy), and didn’t leave me feeling guilty and bloated. I stole the recipe, made a […]

Explore Portland

I live for road trips and adventure. Maybe it’s the Vancouver girl in me- being raised beside the mountains and the ocean, I always feel like adventure is calling my name. When I was in University, my summers were filled with road trips. I think my parents thought I was crazy, because I always had […]

My 5 New Year Resolutions for 2023

I am obsessed with goal setting, it FUELS me.  I hate the feeling of not having direction, or anything to look forward to in life.  Pregnant or not, I always set goals for the year, and each month. I love writing my goals down, and sharing it with you to keep me accountable.  I know […]

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