Daniela is a lover of everything health, fitness, fashion and travel related. She is all about creating a life you love, that’s what living well is all about. When Daniela is not personal training clients during her day, Daniela loves traveling with her husband Dallas, trying new restaurants, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors in her hometown Vancouver, BC.

What is your favourite restaurant? That is too hard to pick! I think my husband and I’s go-to restaurants when we are craving not so healthy food is either Oakwood Canadian Bistro or La Mezcal, in Vancouver.

Where is your favourite place that you’ve visited? Egypt was a very special trip, because it was my first time fully experiencing the Egyptian culture (I’m Egyptian), but, I have to visit New York at least once a year, that city has my heart!

How would you define your personal style? During the day, definitely athletic casual, but when I’m not training clients I would say casual, polished and feminine.