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CQC Turns 40!

You know when you think back to your favourite childhood memories, and you just can’t help but feel happy and nostalgic? For me, when I think about Coquitlam Centre I get all of the feels. My brother and I joke that CQC is the mall that raised us- but it’s […]


5 Things to Do Before 8am

There is a lot of hype around morning routines- and rightfully so. I find that the first few hours of my morning sets the tone for the rest of my day. If I am mopey, stay in my pjs and start the day being lazy- I will accomplish very little […]

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5 Tips for Building a New Business

Wow!! What a year it has been.  From making the decision to open Reward Fitness Studio in Fort Langley to giving birth to my miracle baby, Evangeline, to daily strategizing, planning, and building Reward Fitness Studio.  I have learned so much through this experience, and wanted to share some tips […]